Hydraulic tools & fittings for sale

Jonel Hydraulics provides specialised advice, design, build and maintenance expertise for all makes and models of hydraulic tools currently available in New Zealand, from hydraulic pumps and jacks to bolting, stressing and lifting tools. We stock a huge range of hydraulic fittings and parts to ensure swift delivery and minimal downtime.

  • Quality Enerpac, Klauke and Eaton tooling: Purchase or hire hydraulic tooling nationwide
  • Authorised NZ service centre for Enerpac, authorised agents for Klauke and Eaton
  • Avoid unnecessary outlay: Get your hydraulic tooling serviced and prolong its’ usefulness
  • Wide variety of hydraulic tooling: Innovative products and effective solutions for virtually all industrial applications
  • Speedy delivery: We’ll get you the tools and hydraulic fittings you need to keep the job moving

Jonel are an Authorised Enerpac Service Centre

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Torque Wrenches & Tools

Mechanical, square drive & low profile torque wrenches.

Tensioning tools

Tensioning Tools

Bolting tools and accessories for bolt tensioners and pumps.

RSM cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

General hydraulic cylinders, hollow cylinders, aluminium cylinders & more.

stressing jacks

Stressing Tools

Enerpac stressing jacks for sale.


Pumps & Valves

Electric, hydraulic and manual pumps & valves.

Hydraulic maintenance sets

Specialty tooling

Mechanical and hydraulic specialty tools.

Talk to us about jacks, hydraulic tools and hire

View our range of industrial and hydraulic tooling for hire, email our tool hire team or phone +64 9 274 9294 now to discuss your project requirements.

Custom hydraulic tooling design, manufacture and installation

We can also custom design, manufacture and install a wide range of integrated hydraulic tools and systems for applications such as concrete stressing, drilling, industrial bolting and heavy lifting. Our facilities page shows the scale and range of our hydraulic servicing workshop and our case studies show the range of hydraulic tool design and servicing projects we have done for our clients.

Hydraulic fittings, seals and valves and other hydraulic parts are all part of our tooling range.

Large scale hydraulic repairs and custom design of hydraulic tooling are all part of our day-to-day service. Hydraulic pumps, torque wrenches, jacks and hydraulic stressing tools are in high demand; and if purchasing new hydraulic tools doesn’t suit your business, we offer hydraulic tooling hire services for all types of hydraulic tooling. Our hydraulic servicing includes the supply of hydraulic parts and hydraulic fittings and the workshop team can take care of all your seal and valve requirements to ensure your hydraulic tools are in top form.

Want great advice on hydraulic tooling? Let our knowledge work for you.

Give us a call, we’re always happy to talk about your business. Industrial tooling is a specialist field and it pays to talk to a few experts about any unusual requirements. Go on, pick our brains!

Jonel Hydraulics – for all your hydraulic tools, across NZ

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