An unprecedented amount of construction works and earthquake re-strengthening is currently being carried out on hillsides around New Zealand. Contractors carrying out ground engineering works to strengthen hillsides and embankments require mobile hydraulic power to run their mobile horizontal drilling rigs.

Rather than purchasing and importing an off-the-shelf pump unit from the US or Europe, this client looked at the local Kiwi market to purchase. Purchasing locally offered many advantages, including having service support available in the North and South Island and it supports local businesses.

To secure this project Jonel had to meet a number of requirements, including meeting a pre-Xmas delivery date (an 6-8 week project). The client’s requirements for the diesel powered hydraulic power-pack were:

  • must preform to specific range of standards in order to run drilling equipment
  • must use commonly available components i.e. engine, valves, couplings, filtration and electrics for easy replacement in the future
  • application specific flow, pressure, duty cycle, and weight were all design factors
  • must be able to be air lifted to remote locations
  • plus – must be bullet proof!

Once the client had confidence that these criteria could be meet, they felt at ease proceeding with NZ manufacturing, awarding the custom build project to Jonel Hydraulics.

During the build a number of processes and considerations were made including:

  • client feedback in design,
  • use of PC assisted software for 3D drawings of manufactured steel frame assemblies and lifting points,
  • PC assisted installation of the air cooled diesel engine with hydraulic and diesel reservoirs,
  • easy access for maintenance operations.

The diesel mobile hydraulic power-pack is connected to a variable flow piston pump incorporating an oil cooler and filters to protect both the diesel and hydraulic systems.

Based on a 57kW air cooled diesel engine, the hydraulic power pack oil output is spec’d to 95  Litres/min at 2300 RPM.

End result – the diesel hydraulic power-pack unit was delivered before the due date, to an extremely happy client – with local Jonel Hydraulics support built in as part of the solution!