Enerpac Xvari air pump power brilliant

Breaking beads on truck and tractor tyres just got a lot easier for Auckland based Maxwell Tyre Repair Services.

The South Auckland based company – which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week servicing tractor and truck operators from Albany through to Huntly – has just invested in a mobile Enerpac Xvari Air Pump to speed up the repair of tyres.

According to owner Kevin Maxwell, the investment in the new pump technology has resulted in a huge improvement to his efficiency as it allows him to break the tyre bead quicker and more  safely.

“Its certainly made a huge difference as we do a lot of repairs on the side of the road or in the paddock and what was a really crappy and physically tough job has become a lot easier with being able to utilise the rotary pump solution for each repair.” he said.

“In addition to truckies and farmers we deal with operators who run heavy industrial gear and who can’t afford down time, so speed on the job and being able to do the repair on the spot is critical.”

“With the bigger machines such as tractors, the tyres are a lot bigger and the beads are a lot thicker so breaking them to do the repair was becoming more and more difficult. It was bloody hard work as we’d have to hammer and wedge out both the outside and inside bead to get at the problem” he said.

“I had been using Jonel to repair our old piston based Air Pump – a Powerteam PA6 Series – for a while and the reality was the plunger pumps weren’t up for the job as these old style piston pumps didn’t have the speed to break the tyre bead. I was always having to use a bar to finish it off so it was tough on the body” he said.

“Jonel demonstrated Enerpac’s Xvari Air Pump and the new pump just punched through the bead like its not there, making it much safer for me and most importantly making the overall job faster for the customer” he added.

According to Kevin the investment in the new pump is saving him around half an hour per puncture repair.
“Its been brilliant as we just plug into the air supply off the back of the truck and it has made the jobs way easier.”

“We have been in business a long time – since 1972 – and while we’ve never missed a repair, it has been getting more difficult as a lot of our clients work in tough conditions that are hard on tyres.

I’ve always said where there’s shit there’s sugar and increasing our capacity to handle difficult repairs has been a good move for us. Having the new pump means we can take on pretty much any job and know that we can get the client back up and running while we are there on the spot” he said.

“Jonel has been great to deal with and been really proactive about helping so it looks as though my wife Kathy and I will be around running the business for a while yet” he added.

According to Kevin the investment in the new pump is saving him around half an hour per puncture repair.