Examples of hydraulic servicing in the Jonel workshop

At any moment the Hydraulic Servicing team in the Jonel workshops will be working on a wide range of tooling and machinery – from Palfingers and truck hoists to diggers, forklifts, hydraulic jacks and pumps.

Here are a few examples of typical recent hydraulic tooling repair jobs.

RC506 Enerpac Cylinder Service

This battered Enerpac 50T cylinder came into the workshop for servicing. The hydraulic cylinder was stripped and assessed and required new seals.

Result: The workshop team installed new seals, tested the jack and had it sent to the client within 2 days.


PATG1102N Enerpac Pump Repair

This hardworking pneumatic/hydraulic pump came in for service, as the customer found that the pump was no longer pumping. This hydraulic repair job required a complete service, including installing new seals and gaskets to ensure optimum performance.

Result: This Enerpac Pump was repaired and tested and out of the door within the day.


RC 104 Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinder Service & Seals

This Enerpac cylinder came into the workshop for a service and new seals.

Result: Within the day our team installed seals, dust cap, saddle, thread protector and painted and tested the cylinder.


IHS CH256DA 25T Monostrand Stressing Jack

Mono-stressing jacks which come in for service, repair and calibration generally require extensive repairs. On this jack the piston and cylinder were heavily worn, and repairing the jack required re-brazing and machining.

Result: The repair job was finished and within 2 days the painted and tested jack was on its way back to work. These repair jobs are normally carried out normally within 1-3 working days.


Now is always a great time to schedule your hydraulic maintenance work – get in touch with the team.