Weird & wonderful custom hydraulic design projects

From concept to working model, Jonel Hydraulics can design and create the hydraulic tooling you need.

While remaining true to our core expertise in hydraulics, we have solved a number of challenges for our customers over the years with custom hydraulic solutions.

Drill tool
Jonel Hydraulics developed a large clamping device to undo big drill heads onsite – which will enable huge savings.
cylinders valves
Jonel Hydraulics was approached to design and custom manufacture hydraulic cylinders and valving to enable timber processing yard operations. Job done.
Aircraft hydraulics
We designed a hydraulic system that mimics aircraft hydraulics. This enables our client to test various parts of an aircraft including elevators, trim, flaps and stabilisers.
hydraulic design
Jonel Hydraulics developed a custom hydraulic system to enable the retractable seating at Eden Park.
railbridge hydraulics
Jonel’s hydraulic team designed and built a hydraulically driven system – with pumps, cylinders, and skids – to push and move rail bridge for repairs.

Over the years there have been many more custom projects like the lift Aotea Square carpark, where Jonel arranged for the manufacture of special 75mm-stroke, four jacks with tilt saddles that move five degrees in any direction, to deliver a total lifting power of 640 tonnes. The client, Hawkins Construction, liked the end product so much they bought them.

Call us to discuss your hydraulic application requirements – the odds are we can create a solution!