100T hire jacks serve Wynyard Quarter development

Haydn Rollett Wynyard Qtr 5The development of new apartments at 132 Halsey is a collaboration between Willis Bond & Co and Athfield Architects, with construction is being led by Haydn & Rollett. As with all professional developments, every aspect of every stage must be tested and verified for compliance – and no stage is more critical than the building’s foundations.

When Hayden & Rollett contacted Jonel Hydraulics to ask if they could provide a testing method and verifiable proof of the load the piling could bear for their building analysis, Business Development Manager, Shane Quigley, visited the site and discussed the client’s requirements.

The client brief

The apartment complex uses steel sheet piles, which are essentially large corrugated sheets of steel driven into the ground lengthways.

Due to the number of services around out the perimeter of the site, the construction team were unable to anchor the top of the sheet piles back using the traditional method of ground anchors.

Without this support, the sheet piles would deflect inwards and possibly collapse during the excavation for the basement.  The alternative solution was to install screw piles from within the building footprint into the sandstone below and prop up the top of the sheet piles this way.

Haydn Rollett Wynyard Qtr 3A requirement for this solution included the need to apply a pre-load force into the screw pile props prior to excavation to limit wall deflections.

  • Hydraulic jacks required to pre-load the props
  • Must be easy to measure the force being applied
  • Must be a simple, easy to use arrangement that does not require power
  • Must be accurate, repeatable and easy to document
  • Must fit into the small loading space – a narrow, low profile cavity affixed to the pile

Working with Haydn & Rollett and Piletech, the Jonel hire team provided 100T hydraulic jacks to pre-load the props to a specified force, along with calibrated gauges to measure the force applied. The cylinders provided by Jonel included calibration certificates, and the IONZ certified gauges were provided to document tooling accuracy.

Shane visited the site to provide on-site training which covered safe use of the hydraulic equipment and explaining how to use the system.

Load testing with 100T jacks in an extremely small space – no problem.

The 100T RAMs worked within the very confined areas to put extreme force on the piles, while the gauges showed the load being applied. This enabled the construction team to ensure that the sheet piles will bear the load of the apartment building construction without movement.

The RAM hire solution met the complex load testing requirements and worked seamlessly. The hydraulic system was easy to operate and required minimal training.

“The hire team at Jonel were responsive, informed and brought a lot of hydraulic knowledge to the table. Working with Jonel Hydraulics, it was a simple matter to agree a solution for verifying and documenting the pre-load force being exerted on the temporary screw pile props for the 132 Halsey Street apartments. The hydraulic hire equipment they supplied fitted the bill perfectly.”

Mark Turner, Project Engineer, Hayden & Rollett

Curious about the project? You can see the timelapse of the construction site at the base of this page, and the promotional video for the 132 Halsey apartments in the Wynyard Quarter here.