3.2 tonne cylinder testing proves hydraulic service level

Todd Energy had ordered a brand new 17 metre long, 3.2 tonne hydraulic cylinder from Germany for use on an oil rig in Taranaki; but the 40ft shipping container containing the cylinder was damaged in transit.

Todd Energy called on Jonel to carry out pressure testing and a thorough check on the large cylinder. Due to the value of the cylinder, the suppliers of the cylinder flew a technician in from Germany, and Todd Energy also sent one of their technicians to oversee the process.

Jonel’s hydraulic repair team followed the supplier’s procedure sheet and carried out a complete check including pressure testing the cylinder.

“We needed to completely ensure that the cylinder was in 100% working order. We searched for a company to do this for us and were told that Jonel Hydraulics had the credentials to this for us. We were absolutely not disappointed, and received the best service. From the time the cylinder came into the facility, everything happened with the clockwork precision and we were out of there in the minimum time possible. Great stuff.”

Shaun Hemming, Project Manager, Todd Energy

“We were thrilled that we were able to relieve a major headache for Todd Energy. It would have been a very expensive exercise for them otherwise. Our team was able to put together a plan and deal with this unusually large and highly expensive cylinder swiftly and without too many issues. Our new, purpose built hydraulic service facilities mean we are ready for more of these.”

Suren Surendran, Director, Jonel Hydraulics

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