enerpac jacks hireWhen Alstom Power Thermal Services in Karapiro required some powerful lifting tools, they contacted Jonel Hydraulics Hire Division for a range of jacking options.

50 tonne hydraulic jacks lift 53 tonne turbine

Alstom Power needed powerful jacks for a controlled lift of a 53 tonne turbine.

50 tonne low height flat jacks were used to support the weight of the 53T Hub/Turbine so Alstom Power could gently raise and lower the enormous weight onto load cells.

This allowed the team to balance the hub and determine if additional weight was needed – and where on the hub that weight needed to be applied.

P1010851“The manifold worked really well, as this allowed us to lift or lower each jack individually to suit our needs for each test.” said Warrick Amoore, Karapiro G2 Class 4 Site Manager and Commissioning Technician for Alstom Power Thermal Services.

25 tonne hydraulic jacks lift 15 tonne turbine shaft

P1010924Amoore’s team used 25 ton 362mm stroke jacks to set the height of a 15 tonne turbine shaft.

The height relative to the plant above was critical to allow the team to lift thrust block over the top of the shaft and into place on the thrust bracket which the shaft runs through.

This complex operation was required as the crane on site did not provide enough height to clear the shaft in its final position.

The Alstrom Power team had to make a jig for the jacks to sit in to ensure they would not move when raising or lowering the load, as any major movement would have caused the shaft to fall.

P1010926Once the thrust block was in position the team were able to raise the shaft using the jacks to reach exactly the right position to enable it to be secured to the thrust block.

Amoore said “Having the use of the jacks and the control manifolds made levelling the shaft very easy. Thanks for all you help in organising the equipment and helping determine what the best equipment set up would be for the work we were trying to do.”