Breakthrough hydraulic pump technology

A new generation air-over-hydraulic foot pump, introduced into New Zealand by Enerpac offers a breakthrough in hydraulic pump technology & ergonomics.

Air pumps are popular because they make use of standard workshop compressed air and are relatively inexpensive compared to electric pumps. Air-over-hydraulic pumps are used where handpumps are not sufficiently powerful or create fatigue on the part of the operator.

Air-over-hydraulic pumps can power a variety of hydraulic actuators, such as cylinders, benders, crimpers, pullers and cutters, etc.

According to Jonel Hydraulics, the Enerpac XVARI pumps features tremendously high oil flow, with its rotating air motor and rotating two-stage pump element giving hydraulic delivery up to 50 per cent higher than conventional pumps with linear motors and a single piston.

“Its a different technology – offering variable oil flow and fine metering for precise control – and is coupled with ergonomic two-pedal control of advance and retract functions for time-efficient and safer hands-free operation which allows for less operator fatigue and increased stability”.

“XVARI technology allows users to continuously and precisely control the amount of hydraulic oil flow in the pump’s advance and retract mode, giving fine control of the speed of operation of the single-acting hydraulic cylinder or tool that the pump is powering. This fine process control is especially valuable for jobs that require accurate load positioning, aligning and controlled descent” he said.

Enerpac has applied a two pedal design: one for tool advance (introducing pressure) and one for tool retract (releasing pressure). The pedals are depressed with the ball of the foot so the heel stays on the ground, with bodyweight  resting on both legs during operation. This causes less fatigue and provides increased stability and better control over the degree of pressure – and thus control – on the pump.

Jonel’s market research showed users wanted higher hydraulic delivery.

It’s impressive technology as it has produced gains of up to 50 per cent compared with conventional air-over-hydraulic pumps. Their rotating air motor and two-stage pump element also offers accurate control of speed via the pedals and the higher piston speeds result in smooth oil flow compared with the pulsating oil flow of conventional air pumps.

Jonel know that time is money and with the higher oil flow considerably reducing the time required to extend the cylinder or tool and build maximum pressure will benefit the organisation and operator. “Outflow flow rates are such when compared with many conventional air-over-hydraulic pumps, the XA series is up to twice as fast.”

“We believe the result is technology that truly breaks the mould as this a major advance, probably the biggest in its field for 50 years. Never before have Xvari’s advantages – tremendously high oil flow, precise control and ergonomic operation – been combined in one hydraulic pump” he added. This technology truly breaks the mould as this a major advance, the biggest in its field for 50 years.

The XVARI XA Series makes use of a collapsible rubber oil reservoir (bladder), making the pump less vulnerable for contamination from the outside. No air venting screws or openings to the outside are required, making the pumps a fully closed hydraulic system. As a result, the pump can be used in horizontal and vertical positions and no dirt or debris can enter. The unit is provided with a foot-operated release lock that saves time when using slow-retracting actuators, and the pump has a self-retracting carrying handle for transportation.