Custom tooling design for gas processing plant

A gas processing plant in Taranaki, New Zealand, identified a requirement to service a valve and accumulator cell to repair a leaking flange.

However due to the placement of the tooling and the torque values required there was no correct means of loosening or tightening the 80mmAF Nuts for maintenance prior to or during shut down. As illustrated below, the client faced some serious clearance issues.

Gas taranaki 1     Gas taranaki 2

The client and their contractors approached the local NZ hydraulics market for solutions, and Jonel Hydraulics in-house tooling design department came up with a unique design solution to resolve the problem.

Gas taranaki 3     Gas taranaki 4

To enable use of Jonel’s standard Low Profile Cassette Tools with paddle type ‘Reaction Arm’, Jonel commissioned a custom built 80mm Hex Drive Socket.

The design allows the client to use standard OEM Tooling with fitted attached components to easily remove the paddle and socket to use on remaining the Flange Bolts in the tool’s standard configuration.

Final design is safe, reliable and easy to operate. Job Done.