Going the extra mile for Pirtek cylinder repair

Pirtek Otago booked in a job for a quick turn-around on cylinder repair. To speed things up they ordered new barrel material, a new seal kit and drove the cylinder up from Dunedin to Jonel Hydraulic’s Christchurch workshop.

After dismantling and diagnosing cylinder, the Christchurch hydraulic service team reported that the new barrel material supplied by the customer was 100 mm too short.

We alerted the customer, and ascertained that there was no suitable barrel material available in Christchurch through any of our suppliers. The material was ordered in Auckland and one of Jonel’s senior machinists pre-machined the barrel in Auckland on the Saturday so it would arrive in the South ready to go.

The pre-machined barrel was flown on urgent freight to Christchurch at 4pm on the same day. The Christchurch team collected the cylinder at 6:30pm got into machining the rest of the barrel parts to suit the new barrel. All parts were machined and shrink fitted by 11pm and left to cool over-night.

Early on Sunday morning, the Christchurch hydraulic service team started the day by honing the new barrel. It was assembled, tested and painted and ready for the customer to take back to Dunedin by lunchtime.

Jonel’s South Island Manager, Jason Harper said “It was great having the back-up of the Auckland team to help streamline this cylinder rebuild. Their work on a Saturday meant that our guys here in Christchurch could get straight into it when the cylinder arrived that night. Our Christchurch team were fantastic and spent their Sunday morning working flat tack to get this cylinder in perfect shape for the customer by lunchtime. Fantastic teamwork guys!”

The cylinder repair job

Dismantle cylinder, manufacture new barrel, finish chrome shaft, fit new seal kit, assemble cylinder and test cylinder.

The Numbers

  • 28 hours job turn-around time
  • 700kms driven
  • 130kg of steel on urgent flight
  • 46 man-hours of repairs
  • 1 Happy Customer!

Cylinder orange