Heavy lifting system hire improves accuracy for RCR Energy Systems

Managing hydraulic lifts of up to 1000 tonnes with 1mm control just got a lot easier

Hydraulics company Jonel Hydraulics, who provide industrial tooling and hydraulics services for industries throughout the country, have introduced a range of heavy lifting systems through their partnership with ENERPAC. This includes a multipoint syncronised PLC controlled lifting system.

According to RCR Energy Systems Project Manager Derek Snow, the availability of this new hydraulic technology resulted in an improvement in accuracy for a recent heavy lift project.

“We ultilised Jonel’s synchronized 4 point lifting system operating 8 jacks to remove a large bolier and when used in conjunction with load cells, the precision and control it gave us for this heavy lift was impressive. From our point of view it’s all about getting it exactly right and being able to accurately pre-load our structure made a difference as we able to control 4 lifting points at the same time and it gave us the control we needed.”

Jonel said the company had made the country’s most extensive purchase ever of multi-point lifting technology for the national hire market.

Jonel’s Enerpac Synchronised lifting system was being set up to lift a building in Christchurch. All the components are integrated in a compact cage which means it is ready to “plug & play”. This system was used to lift off the piles and level the building.
Enerpac Synchronised lifting systems. Jonel’s Enerpac Synchronised lifting systems are about achieving precision lift.

“It’s been a big commitment as this lifting technology is top of the range and offers customers – across a wide spectrum of industries – more flexibility with their heavy lifts where speed, accuracy and safety is critical. As it’s specialist gear, it’s not always practical for companies to buy this gear so making it available for hire has made it more accessible and cost effective for a lot of companies”.

The service will assist with overall efficiency when heavy lifting is required within tight time frames such as maintenance shutdowns of large industrial clients.

“For heavy lift projects such as shutdowns, speed, combined with quality, is critical and project managers are telling us that having this specialist lifting gear is a big help.”

Jonel’s Director Suren Surendran said adding the specialist lifting equipment to their hire range made sense. “We are in a unique position to offer this hire service as we combine ENERPAC’s technology with our local expertise and technical support. This compliments our hire operation, which along with our ability to build customised applications, allows us to become a lot more focused on solving our customers’ hydraulic headaches ” he said. “We do pride ourselves in being quick off the mark and try to combine good old fashion service with leading edge technology and training.”

Jonel Hydraulics new syncronised lifting system was used to lift the 300 ton Boiler Cell on a recent plant upgrade. The system controls single and double acting jacks lifting from 5 tons through to heavy lifts of up to 1000 tons.