Hydraulic Tensioner Hire for Oil & Gas Maintenance Shut

A contractor to an Oil and Gas client in Taranaki required an end-to-end 1400bar/20,000psi  Hydraulic Tensioner Hire Package during a maintenance shut.

The contractor looked inside their own company first, then throughout New Zealand and Australia for tensioner tooling.  It soon became apparent what a daunting prospect it was to bring everything together. Coming to the realisation of the number of tools required to match drawings, equipment checks and double checks plus the time taken to process data sheet creation for work’s scope, they soon understood that they required a specialist in the field of Bolting and Tensioning.

The client needed a trusted partner that could provide the full range of services, a history of principal asset ownership from earlier projects, finishing projects on time and on budget without incident.  We were delighted to be chosen as a major partner.

Their specification included an end-to-end 1,400bar/20,000psi  Hydraulic Tensioner Hire Package included Hydraulic Tensioner tooling, certification, training data, manuals, data sheets, joint integrity, continued services, logistics and spares.

While the contractor and client had started planning long ago, the actual timeline was very tight, particularly with turnaround from other projects and critical start dates overlapping. To meet such a large volume of tools and tight time requirements Jonel sourced Hire Tensioner Tools from the UK, Singapore and Australia within seven days.

The hire tensioner equipment alone weighed an impressive 2 Tonnes.  In total the hydraulic hire solution included over 700 individual items – and would have cost over $600,000.00 to purchase new.

Jonel Hydraulics Hire – Job Done!