Jonel Hire plays critical role at Lyttleton Port

When Lyttleton Port’s Coal Loader was derailed in Christchurch’s latest 6.1 earthquake, coal began backing up at the wharf and storage was at an all time low. It was of paramount importance to get the Coal Loader working again as soon as possible.

Jonel Hydraulic’s swift response to a request for help from contractors in Christchurch saw Jonel personnel fly to the site to help repair the wharf area and enable the loader to get back to work.

The job required stressing bars in two sets of pairs (max force 176kN over the 4 bars) to add extra support to the Wharf foundations and cross beams; and importantly, upgrade the area in case of another earthquake.

After a Friday afternoon call for help, Jonel Hydraulic’s Hire division urgently arranged flights and delivery trucks, and had the required tooling to Lyttleton by Monday morning.