Nut Splitters key to smooth shut project

With a major shut planned for March and April 2018, the need to look at the in-house tooling list was paramount in the thoughts of planners and engineers at the Methanex plant in Taranaki.

The Methanex plant includes hundreds of flanges, so it is imperative that contractors and engineers can have flanges opened fast at the start of shut to ensure works scope is done on-time and on budget.

During the early planning phase, Methanex planners confirmed the need for a second No 14 Head and size ‘C’ Cylinder. Jonel provided information and pricing in partnership with Hydratight for new units, and a new nut splitter, along with the required air pump and 2M hose for operation.

Jonel’s service team were called on to service three Hydratight Nut splitters to ensure the speedy removal of studs and bolts. When the three Nut Splitter Cylinders arrived at Jonel Hydraulics in Auckland, they were checked and stripped for works scope. At this stage, it was decided that due to the importance of the shut it was ideal that new complete cylinders be sourced from the UK manufacturer.

A No 14 Head with size ‘C’ Cylinder can split nuts up to 3-7/8” – 4-1/4” or (95 – 105mm) AF.

The maximum operating pressure of Hydratight Nut Splitters is 1400Bar, meaning a suitable high pressure pump, hose and couplers are needed to provide a complete package set. To meet this demand, Jonel provided an Enerpac ATP1500 series air pump tuned for nut splitter operation.

The end result is that the client has the right tools ready for action come shut day; backed up by Jonel Hydraulics and our OEM partners Hydratight & Enerpac