Porter Hire custom build hydraulic cylinder project

Porter Hire asked Jonel to quote to manufacture a new hydraulic cylinder for a long reach arm, on a digger used for drilling underwater during harbour dredging in Christchurch.

Jonel sent a quote for the new cylinder within 24 hours, and when Porter Hire accepted it, Jonel manufactured the new hydraulic cylinder to meet the specifications required, and flew the cylinder to Christchurch.

A specification change meant urgent modifications were required so Jonel flew an extra team member down to assist Christchurch staff with the urgent work. They worked from 5am to 10pm and completed work on the cylinder within one day.

“Jonel Hydraulics has a highly qualified and experienced team and their skills and large facilities were essential for this project – we needed to be completely sure that the cylinder was in 100% working order.”

Nathan Timoko, Porter Hire

“We always aim to meet our client’s expectations and our team were committed to getting this new cylinder working for Porter Hire as efficiently as possible. The design and manufacture were business as usual for our team, but when unexpected extra work was needed, the guys pulled out all the stops to get it done!”

Dean Nadeem, Jonel Hydraulics