Speedy cylinder repair essential for forestry company D G Glenn

Located in Napier, D G Glenn are a major player in the forestry industry. When a mission critical digger with a special attachment had a failed dipper arm cylinder, this was a serious problem resulting in hugely expensive downtime.

Urgent repair or replacement was required, and the only question was whether the best option was repair the cylinder in NZ, or fly a replacement in from the US at a huge expense. Freight from the States alone would cost $14,000.

D G Glenn made a call to Jonel around 1.30pm on a Wednesday. The Jonel Service Manager moved into action, searching for suitable barrel material for the large cylinder. No barrel material was available with local any steel suppliers, but his extensive search located a suitable piece of steel in Christchurch at 3.30pm, and the client gave approval for the job at 4pm. Here is the extraordinary timeline that followed:

4.00pm Jonel South Island Manager Jason has barely 60 minutes, during rush hour, to pick up the barrel material from the supplier and get it to Air New Zealand cargo in time for the 5.30pm flight to Auckland.

7.00 pm The flight arrives in Auckland. The customer is driving from Napier to Auckland with the damaged cylinder.

8.00 pm Cargo is cleared and the barrel material is collected from Air New Zealand by Jonel staff.

5.00 am The Jonel team start work on the cylinder, and repair work continues non-stop until the job is done.

9.00 pm
D G Glenn Director arrives in Auckland from Napier to collect the cylinder.

10.30 pm Thursday night, repair of the cylinder is complete, with a total turnaround time of 17 hours for 190mm bore diameter cylinder, which is exceptional on all accounts.

10.45 pm D G Glenn Director leaves for Napier with the repaired cylinder.

8.00 am The waiting D G Glenn crew assemble the cylinder on to the machine and get the digger working.

Job Done. From cylinder failure to full functionality this very large cylinder was turned around in just 36 hours, even with the necessary transport time taken into account.

Rob & Dennis have asked me to email you & your team with a huge Thank You for your outstanding service. We had our machine up & running by 8am & this means a great deal to us. Can you please forward a credit application as we will be using your services in the future.”
Sharyn Scurr, D G Glenn Logging Ltd