Torque Wrenches in hot demand for hire at Jonel Hydraulics

Torque wrenches are the most demanded Hydraulic Hire tool

Because there is such a high demand for bolting tools from our clients, Jonel Hydraulics Hire division stocks a huge shelves full of torque wrenches including manual torque tools, air and battery pistol tools, hydraulic square drive and low-profile cassette type torque tools ready for all your hire jobs across New Zealand.

The most powerful torque wrench in the hire range currently can exert 36,500 Ft.Lbs (47,453 Nm), and the low profile cassette wrenches can take up to 5-1/2” AF (215mm AF). The smallest torque wrench in the range is a manual ¼ dr tool which exerts 2.95 Ft.Lbs (4Nm).

Common uses for the hired wrenches are scheduled maintenance shuts and plant repairs, bridges, steel fabrications like high rise buildings, the oil and gas industry, compressors, earth moving and transport equipment, geothermal power plants, the marine industry, electricity generation and dams – plus many more.

Why hire a torque wrench instead of buying?

Flexibility! You only hire the bolting equipment for the period required, and you hire the equipment that is right for your project, so there are no wasted resources.  With equipment hire you have the flexibility to pick and choose what you want and when you want it.  This can be particularly beneficial for operators that experience fluctuating demand to large projects – like a 2 to 4 week shut down.

As well as the peace of mind knowing that your team will be working with a high-quality torque wrench that has been serviced and well maintained, hiring is a way of mitigating the risk of investing significant amounts of money on a piece of equipment only to find that the situation changes – plus you can put your working capital to better use.

A good quality torque wrench set can cost 17 – 20K, so hiring your torque wrenches can save you many thousands. This is especially true with low profile cassette torque tools, which require different size cassettes to fit each nut AF. (For example, if a you purchase a W4000 drive, they will also need to purchase a range of cassettes 55m, 60mm, 70mm etc to make up starter torque wrench set.) Hire is so much more cost effective.

Our clients tell us our torque wrench hire service is the best:

“Wow! This is the best torque set I’ve ever hired – it’s fast and really easy to use, plus I don’t have to stress about losing pins overboard while we swap cassette sizes like other brands.”

The torque wrench pumps can make a huge difference too:

“We had hundreds of bolts to tighten on each floor  – comparing apples for apples across the two torque wrench brands hired, the Jonel torque pump with auto set feature made process really easy, faster and safer. The guys told me to buy it because they were so impressed, and I sent the other brand back.”

Of course, the decision whether to hire or buy torque equipment will depend on many factors like the nature of the work plus the amount of ongoing use, your balance sheet, the level of flexibility that you desire and so on, but be assured that when you hire from an established equipment hire company like Jonel Hydraulics you get qualified, expert advice and recommendations for the optimum solution for your job large or small.

Jonel offers you a huge range of torque wrenches & hire tooling

The Jonel Hydraulics Hire division primarily hire Enerpac torque wrenches which are made in the UK, but also stock a range of Powermaster wrenches for larger hydraulic tools, and a combination of RAD, RTS Powermaster and Sykes torque wrenches and bolting tools for air, battery and manual torque tools.

Hydraulic hire clients generally hire accessories along with the torque wrench hire. Jonel provides one place for your team to get safety and training as well as sockets, torque wrench pumps, hoses, hex inserts and drives, tensioners, nut splitters, flange tools and spreaders, floggers, spanners, custom reaction arms, porter power maintenance sets, load skates, hollow jacks, rams and jacks.